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1. How far in advance should I plan my removal with Movago?

The sooner the better! Ideally you let us know 1-2 weeks before your moving date. But we also operate on short notice. Generally we can offer you better prices the earlier you proceed with your booking.

2. How much will my removal cost?

The removal costs generally depend on different factors (e.g. living space, furniture, distance, number of floors). Based on this data we create our quotations.

How am I protected from any damages that may occur during my removal?

Your property is insured from damages during your removal service with Movago, as our moving partners automatically incur liability for the service provided. Apart from that you can benefit from our additional third-party insurance.


Customer reviews

I found Movago extremely helpful throughout the whole process. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to move.

Henry M., 29, Birmingham

Moving can be a very challenging process but with Movago things went so smoothly I was so relaxed. Great service provided.

Charlotte K., 46, Leeds

I was so impressed with the service. Movago advised and supported me all the way. I highly recommend using Movago if you want a fast and efficient removal.

James M., 50, Bristol

My team and I will guide you through before, during and after your move. We are at your service at any time for your personal consulation.

Head of Customer Service